Friend or Acquaintance?

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In this age of social media it is not uncommon to have many ‘friends’ we’ve never met. We know of each other but don’t really know each other. Some of these could be called acquaintances.

An acquaintance is someone I know on a casual level. We may go to church together, have volunteered together or have mutual friends. With some I say a casual hello as I pass by. With others, conversation is enjoyed when we are together but no further contact is initiated.

With friends, however, I have a deeper relationship. Time spent together is precious and we make sure to carve time for it from our busy lives. I can talk to a good friend about anything and know there will be no judgments.

Advice may be given or just a listening ear, but I know without a doubt how valuable our time together is. I can call on a true friend at any time and always come away feeling better.
My friend feels the same way about me. The importance of this relationship is beyond measure.

God wants that kind of relationship with me; one where we spend time together and know each other well.

The question is, am I satisfied to be an acquaintance and give Him minimal time and attention or will I put in the effort required to know Him as a true friend?

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  1. It’s so nice to travel with you dear Tandy. You are having such good weather and seeing so many wonderful sites. Our son and wife pastored in Niagara Falls. We had to see it each time we visited them. Pete’s twin lived in St. Catharines and was a pastor there, so we got to see that area too.

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