Shadows and Light

Inspiration, artist, lifeA friend and I were talking about artistic processes. She has done some lovely paintings and mentioned shadows and their importance in creating a realistic scene.

She first told me that as a painter she is very aware of shades of colour. Then she said, “You need the shadows to see where the beauty is. They make the beauty stand out.”

Her words struck such a chord with me that I asked her to repeat them so I could write them down.

you see, she may have been talking about painting, but I was relating her words to living and appreciating all life had to offer.

So often, it is only the sunshine and not the shadows I look for. What I fail to remember is the necessity of both. Constant sunshine becomes taken for granted and no longer fully appreciated.

shadows and cloudy days are not what I look by for but they provide the contrast to enable me to fully appreciate the lighter days.

Some of my greatest times of personal growth have occurred in the shadows.

The various shades and colours of my days, including the shadows are what create the beauty of life.

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