Who Sent You?

#God, #inspiration, #Holy Spirit, restorationMy friend told me about a strange occurrence at her home. At various times of the day and night different young women came to her door. When she answered they would say they had the wrong address and back away to be picked up by a vehicle waiting a few houses away.

After three such visits in a twenty-four hour period, she’d had enough, and said to the young woman, “Who sent you here?” The surprise on this person’s face was obvious as she heard of the others who had been there before her. She hurried to the waiting vehicle. Since this confrontation, no more unexpected visitors have arrived.

We discussed these occurrences and decided it must have been the question, “Who sent you?” that caused the unwanted visits to stop.

As I thought about this I realized this is a very good question. At the time I was experiencing an unsettled time in a previously good relationship. I was hurt and confused by the change in behaviour. The feeling of conflict was examined and I asked, “Who sent you?”

It wasn’t of God because he doesn’t send unrest. Therefore, it was what I refer to as a spiritual attack. This was something unwanted and uninvited. I had the choice to play host to it or to send it away. My choice was obvious. I prayed, asking the Holy Spirit to fill me, leaving no room for the unrest.

The situation became resolved and the relationship restored. The next time I find myself in this kind of situation I need to ask, “Who sent you?” and respond accordingly.

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8)

2 thoughts on “Who Sent You?”

  1. Hi Tandy and thanks so much for your Blogs. This one touched me as I was going through a difficult time and decision. When I took a moment to ‘stand back’ and wondering why I was feeling the way I was, I read your blog. Sometimes when we say the words that you suggested it seems much more real.
    Blessings Norma

    1. Thanks for your comments Norma. This one was particularly meaningful for me and I’m very happy to know it was for you as well.

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