Too Many Voices

Jesus, inspiration,  filter, clearIt was unlike any other team building exercise I’ve been part of.

The objective was to remove an object from the centre of a large circle without stepping into the circle. The resources available for us to use were placed on the ground. The only instructions were that the person handling any of the resources had to be blindfolded and each blindfolded person needed someone with them to be their eyes. Other than that it was up to us.

One of the biggest challenges came when too many people started calling out instructions. The blindfolded person had no idea if it was them being spoken to. Instructions needed to be given very clearly. “Move this way” meant nothing to someone who could not see.

The goal was only achieved after the clear, authoritative voice of one person had everyone working together.

This exercise had many lessons to teach me. The first one was that racing off without a plan is not effective. That one was fairly obvious.

More important was realizing how many voices I can be subject to when setting out to reach my goals. Some are well meaning, but don’t have my answers. Others are negative, saying my goal is unachievable. Not all of these voices are audible. My own negative thoughts and self-doubts are a very large part of this process.

Just as the blindfolded person needed to trust the one with vision that was guiding and keeping them safe, I will benefit from one or two who ‘have my back.’

Too many voices cause confusion. I need to be able to filter out the ones that are not useful. The most important voice of all is the one strong, clear voice that speaks with authority and confidence. For me this is the voice of Jesus. He seems the total picture without hampered vision. He also knows exactly where I need to go and the best way to get there.

When I am in confusion with too many voices giving me advice, I need to stop and call out to Jesus. He will never lead me astray.

My sheep respond to my voice, and I know who they are. They follow me, and I give them eternal life. They will never be lost, and no one will tear them away from me. (John 10:27-28 GWT)

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