Passing Lane Ahead

God, timing, inspiration, trust,contentMy husband and I were driving between Calgary and Vancouver. There were many times that a slow moving vehicle caused a long line of traffic behind it.

Drivers would get frustrated and some would pass where they shouldn’t and have to cut back into the line when oncoming traffic approached. Their impatience caused some unsafe situations.

Signs that told of a passing lane ahead meant relief for those caught in this backlog. As we approached the passing lane there would be a sign asking the slower traffic to keep right. This would allow the others to safely move ahead.

In one case the offending vehicle stayed in the left or fast lane. When other slower moving traffic moved to the right, as per the sign’s instructions, there was no way to pass. The one impeding the other vehicles seemed to have no idea the problems being caused.

It made me wonder how often in life I have been so focused on myself that I didn’t realize the problems I was causing for others. Have I caused them frustration because I didn’t get out of their way? Did they take unnecessary risks because of my behavior?

There is nothing wrong with moving aside to let others pass. By allowing them to do so, they may encounter opportunities they would not have had otherwise. Encouraging others to keep moving forward instead of being stuck behind me is also an act of faith.

God’s timing for me is perfect. If I rush ahead I may miss something that he has planned for me. I trust that when the timing is right, he will move me into the passing lane. For now I need to be content with where I am.

The Lord is good to those who wait for him, to anyone who seeks help from him. (Lamentations 3:35 GWT)