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Today I’m pleased to introduce you to my book Another Perspective.

The idea for the book came when a friend and fellow author said, “You have a unique perspective on life.” The word perspective stuck with me and I knew one day it would be used as the focus of one of my books. Two years later, this book became a reality.

Another Perspective is a collection of short stories based on everyday events. As an observer of life, I take what I see, hear and experience and dig a little deeper to find and share the insights I’ve gained.   

The book contains stories relating to fear, gratitude, forgiveness, healing, disagreement, patience, having fun and many other topics.  The stories  have been described as inspiring, folksy, relatable and wise.

I’m especially proud of the cover of this book. That’s me, conquering my fear of heights by going skydiving!  You can read that story in the book.

Good Words

Another Perspective and my other three devotional books can be purchased through my website or e-book from  

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