Skeletons in the Closet

life, analogy, secrets, hiddenThe sign caught my attention. I was visiting the Royal Tyrell Museum which is famous for its dinosaur exhibits.

Over one enclosed case was a sign titled Skeletons (and more) in our Closet. It went on to say that what we saw on exhibit was only a fraction of the fossils that have been collected.

What a good analogy of life.

Skeletons in my closet.

What you see is only a fraction of who I am.

Parts of my life require more work before I will feel confident enough to put them on display. It’s much more appealing for you to see the finished product rather than the work in progress.

There are also skeletons in my closet that I would prefer to leave there, never to see the light of day.

The thing is, those skeletons tend to appear at the most inopportune moments. They are like the ones in the museum that need to be in a glass case. You can see them, but not get too close.

There are two things that I’ve found helpful in dealing with what I have hidden from view. First is that people connect with your weakness, not your strength. Vulnerability doesn’t push people away, it draws them closer.#inspiration, vulnerability,

Secondly, secrets can keep me bound up in fear and shame. Trapped in the confines of my mind, they are much larger than life. Brought out into the open they tend to diminish in size. Somehow they don’t seem as frightening when I choose to expose them.

The process isn’t easy but the freedom experienced afterwards makes it all worthwhile. So, who else is ready to open the closet and release some skeletons?

2 thoughts on “Skeletons in the Closet”

  1. Thanks for the reminder Tandy, the skeletons are there every day and I found it to be easier just to deal with them and MoveOn going to keep them hidden away. Have an awesome day and keep doing what you do. Hugs

    1. Scott, thank you for your comment. Those nasty skeletons keep rattling the door until we let them out, don’t they?
      I appreciate your support of my writing.

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