Precious Gifts

gifts, heartfelt, affirmingOver the years, I’ve received many lovely gifts. Some were beautiful and extravagant. Others were practical items I’ve used and enjoyed. Still others filled an unspoken desire.

Among those I count the most precious are words straight from the heart. I still have a letter written to me several years ago by my employer. In it she expressed her appreciation for me not only as an employee but also for my personal traits. This was a rare gift and I treasure it.

Recently I received a simple card with You Are written on the inside.affirming words Underneath, in various handwritings, were words like loving, understanding, compassionate, funny and caring. For me, this was priceless.

Many years ago, a man I respected told me he kept a file folder labeled “encouragement.” In it were placed encouraging letters, notes, and cards he’d received over the years. Words of praise, admiration, thanks and support were saved in this file. He would reread these when he was feeling down and they would always give him the boost he needed.

After hearing this, I started a similar folder. The messages contained inside come from various areas of my life. They are precious gifts, reminders of times my heart has touched that of another. Rereading them is like being wrapped in a warm blanket on a cold winter day.

Encouraging, affirming words can bring hope. They have the power to change a life. Spoken words are wonderful but I believe those written are even more important. Because they can be reread at any time, their impact can continue many years after they were written.

It’s been a while since I sent a note to let someone know I appreciate them. Every day is a good day to send or receive encouragement. In fact, I have a few people in mind to reach out to today. How about you? Can you think of someone to share the precious gift of encouragement with?

4 thoughts on “Precious Gifts”

    1. Joy, I’m happy to share this idea. It has been wonderful to look back on encouraging words and I’m sure you’ll receive lots of pleasure from it.

  1. Lovely Tandy. I took have kept many encouraging notes and cards. I read over a few just a while ago. I’d like to write you a handwritten note if you can send me your address.

    I rejoice in the service you are doing to honor and lift up Jesus. Your words are words of life and blessing.

    1. Thank you for your affirming words. I truly appreciate them. I’d love to receive a handwritten note from you and will email you with my address.
      Blessings to you.

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