Out of My Shell

#inspiration, potential, growthOur neighbour called my husband and me over to look at something in his garden. He had planted some sunflower seeds and one had sprouted with the shell still on it.

It seemed to me that this plant was not ready to give up the protection the shell had given. Even though there was quite a bit of new growth, the plant was not ready to fully come out of its shell.

My way of looking at this was a reflection of past (and sometimes more recent) behaviours I have struggled with.

New experiences can be very scary. In an unknown environment, I long for safety and familiarity. My protective shell looks tempting and I seriously consider making a retreat back into it.

Before I do, I think of how dark and restrictive the shell had become. Outside I see light and potential. Am I willing to risk the unknown to reach toward my goals and dreams?

Sometimes I still look for a safe place to hide. Then I remember what lies outside of this comfort zone and know I will never grow into my full potential until I am willing to break out of my shell.

“Fear is only temporary. Regret lasts forever.” – Unknown

2 thoughts on “Out of My Shell”

  1. So true, Tandy. I am feeling like that with my book. Somedays I just want to retreat and not push forward to the end. I will finish but have run into a few roadblocks to work my way around. I am finding peace when I give it all to God and ask Him that His wisdom will be mine. Lovely thought this day. Thank you.

    1. You are ready to cross the finish line on your book. Don’t retreat, brighter days are just ahead.

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