Life Isn’t Multiple Choice

decisions learningFor just over two years I’ve been studying Spanish on a language app. Every day I spend time doing lessons. After 832 days, I’ve learned a lot of words but still can’t hold a simple conversation in Spanish.

Many of the lessons give me multiple choices for the answers. The words are provided and I either have to chose the one or two correct ones to complete a sentence or translate an English sentence with some of the words provided. This is much easier for me than having to translate a sentence from English to Spanish as I don’t have to come up with the words from memory.

In my frustration one day, I blurted out, “This isn’t working for me anymore. I won’t have simple multiple choices in front of me when I want to speak. Life doesn’t work that way.”

My words caused a lightbulb moment! Life is not effectively lived in a multiple-choice scenario. Why then, do I look for a short list of solutions to choose from when I have a decision to make? It’s even better if someone else can give me answers that make no sense and one that’s clearly correct.

While this may initially sound like a good idea, it is in the trying, failing and figuring things out for myself that I will become fluent. In other words, I need to immerse myself in the process of living.

In learning a language, and in life, I must challenge myself to move into the unknown. It is comfortable to take the easy route, rely on tried-and-true options and congratulate myself on what I have already accomplished. This won’t get me to where I want to be.

There will be mistakes and times of frustration, but each will move me one step closer to success. No more multiple choice, it’s time to get fully immersed.

2 thoughts on “Life Isn’t Multiple Choice”

  1. Hi Tandy 👋
    Jerry Weber here. Just read your post. About 3 years ago I went to Oaxaca Mx. And enrolled in just one week of Spanish immersion at a Fabulous college there. ICO. Prior to my South America trip. I know one week sounds ridiculous to prepare to travel. But Wow.. I learned a lot in immersion. And what a Fantastic beautiful city and sweet people. Food was delicious too.
    I’m well and live in Victoria now. Back in Calgary this week.
    Blessings on you both.

    1. Hi Jerry,
      It’s nice to hear from you. We have a Mexican location we travel to annually and this year I’m going to look into immersion. Your experience is an encouragement for me. Drop by seminar on Saturday afternoon. We’d love to see you.

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