Lasting Impressions

leaf, sidewalkI stepped over the outline of fallen leaves on the sidewalk. At first, I thought the area had been stained by leaves as they decomposed over the winter. Upon closer examination, I discovered these perfect outlines appeared to be etched into the concrete. The foliage had left an impression that altered the appearance of the sidewalk.

As I carried on, my mind was filled with the myriad of influences able to leave a lasting impression on my life. Each have the power to alter the way others view me.
Many of my thoughts were focused on positive experiences that have shaped my life. These enable me to reflect encouragement to those I come in contact with.

People have also left lasting impressions on my life. One of the most significant was my mother. She shaped my life by both her words and actions. Although she passed away over twenty years ago, her influence can still be seen in my life.

From her I learned the importance of family. I learned people are more important than possessions. I learned to support and encourage. Instead of striving for great things, I learned to do small things with great love.

I learned the fulfillment helping others brings. I learned life isn’t always fair but there is still much to be grateful for. I learned to laugh at myself and with others. I learned people feel special when you make them their favourite foods.

These things, and many more, have permanently altered the appearance of who you see today. I am grateful for my mother’s positive influence. There is no greater legacy than to leave a lasting impression of love.

4 thoughts on “Lasting Impressions”

  1. Beautifully written Tandy. Also a wonderful tribute to your beloved mother. She was a very special person in my life as well. I loved to visit her and share news of the family and other things. She was quick to encourage. She gave me the small print of my father’s family in front of the Oxenham Grocery store and home in Surrey Center. I had it professionally enlarged and was amazed at how clear it was. This led me to make my Family Photo Heritage book that has names and dates of all our family on both sides, with pictures that were scattered about, unnamed and undated.

    I think of your Mom, my dearest Aunt, and thank her for the seed she sowed into my heart that day. It wasn’t long after that I invited her to our home and to our Christmas Banquet. She stayed overnight. That evening was a significant time in her life. Precious Memories. Lasting impressions. My love, Shirley

    1. Thank you for sharing these precious memories. We are blessed to lasting impressions that are so positive.

  2. Thank you for your special reflection today. I wish you a wonderful mother’s day this Sunday and everyday.

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