juicing photoAfter hearing several people enthusiastically share about juicing during the past few months, I decided to try it for myself. Being very practical, I didn’t want to buy an appliance that I may never use again, so put out a call to see if anyone had a juicer to loan me. Many replies telling me how much I would love juicing came in. This should have encouraged me, but instead made me nervous. What if it wasn’t a good experience for me?

A friend offered to loan me her juicer and although I took her up on the offer, second thoughts were creeping in and it took me weeks before I actually made arrangements to get it from her. Then, I had almost a month of wondering when a good time to start would be. Excuses to put it off were very plentiful. It seems the hardest step to take is the first one. Finally I started my 3 day juice detox. Following a plan with the menus and recipes set out made it easy for me to complete. Surprisingly, the juice tasted good and I did not feel hunger or a craving for food. When I completed my 3 days, not only did I have a sense of accomplishment, but I had lost a couple of pounds and felt healthier.

For me, the big lesson here is about much more than juicing.  I need to stop second guessing myself and looking for excuses. God wants to work through me and this can only be accomplished if I trust him and take the first step in the direction he is leading me. Once I am willing to take that step he will lead me to do more than I ever thought possible.

Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow. (Psalm 25:4 NLT)

Be inspired this week.

10 thoughts on “Juicing”

  1. So true Tandy — it’s something I really ‘got’ this past week at Choices — it is my choice… to tie up my runners and get running, or not — and in the end, I am the one who benefits…. or not! Hugs.

  2. Tandy, this is so true! The first step is often the hardest and a person’s own psyche can hold them back. Then, once you start you realize how easy, or beneficial, it is!

    Congrats on your juicing adventure!

  3. Wow Tandy! Love how you share a personal experience and bring spirituality into
    the story. Yes stepping out of our comfort zone, trusting God to lead us, allowing
    us to experience a lesson is so powerful. I have been in those moments several times
    in the last year. Love the scripture you used !
    Blessings to you!
    Hugs Anne

    1. Thelma, procrastination has always been one of my favourite self defeating games! It’s only when I recognize it that I can do something different. Thanks for following my blog and for your comments.

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