It Stinks!

God, journey, inspiration, perseveranceMy husband and I were out for our morning walk along the beach. The fresh sea air was invigorating. Several times we stopped to watch fish swimming in the crystal clear water beside us.

Up ahead we could see some piles of seaweed. It was an eyesore but that wouldn’t keep us from continuing on.

As we approached, we here hit by the noxious smell of damp, rotting seaweed. My first instinct was to hold my breath. Fearing it would be worse when I had to gasp for air moments later, I decided against this course of action.

The decision we faced was obvious. We could either turn back or brave the smell until we had passed through this area. If we turned back, we’d miss the opportunity to experience what was on the other side.

We chose to keep going and soon were rewarded with a lovely stretch of beach to walk along.

I thought about the times I’ve been faced with a situation that was unpleasant. Sometimes I have turned back thinking, “This stinks.” Whenever that situation comes to mind, this is the only impression that remains.

If, however, I have carried on and worked through things, the noxious feeling has been replaced by one of satisfaction at the outcome that was achieved.

The choice is mine. Do I want to turn back when things are not as I imagined, or do I keep going to see what waits for me a little farther on the journey?

A saying that I hold onto is “If God brings you to it; he’ll bring you through it.” I know that my trust in him will be rewarded as I follow the path he has set for me.

Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. (James 1:4 NIV)

4 thoughts on “It Stinks!”

    1. Thanks for your comment Eleanor. It can be very difficult to keep going but I’ve learned that’s the only way to put the stink behind me.

  1. So true Tandy. It’s so appealing to turn back but we don’t grow, do we? Thanks for your inspiration. Cheers.

    1. That’s right Noel. I can only grow by moving forwards. Thanks for your support of my writing. I appreciate you.

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