Hidden Gifts

#inspiration, mementos, bookmark, dreamsHave you ever tucked away mementos for safe-keeping and then forgotten about them? I have. Recently I opened a drawer to place something else inside and knew it was time to sort through the over-stuffed contents.

Everything was removed as I considered whether to keep or discard the items. A large stack of cards from a milestone birthday took up half the drawer. I enjoyed reading them before they went to recycling. Assorted family photos brought back many happy memories. Those went back in the drawer.

Photo ID cards for my husband and me from Expo 86 in Vancouver showed that time hasn’t been standing still. In my mind, I look the same, but the mirror tells a different story!

Most of the items were familiar but one caught me by surprise. I don’t remember it and have no idea who gave it to me. Since it was with items more than ten years old, I’m assuming this bookmark has been tucked away quite some time.

The words You Are a Lover of Words . . . One Day, You Will Write a Book” are printed at the top. A lovely sentiment is below. Today you know me as a writer, but what you may not know, is I only started writing five years ago. Three years ago, my first book was released.

Someone saw a gift in me many years before I had the confidence to believe in myself. Now, reading this bookmark brings tears to my eyes. I was meant to be a writer. Pretending it wasn’t possible didn’t stop the process, only delayed it. The voice in my head telling me I wasn’t good enough was lying.

I’m telling you this because I believe many of you have also let this critical voice stop you from going after your dreams. Don’t believe the lies. Tell it to STOP and then go and do what you were born to do.

I’m living my dream. What’s yours?

2 thoughts on “Hidden Gifts”

  1. Hi Tandy,
    I am also living my dream. My dream since being a child was to see the world and experience other cultures. I have a large world map hanging on my wall that I place coloured pins in the places I’ve been. It’s very colourful now. I’ve been on an adventure in fifty different countries so far, and looking forward to many more.

    “I am a free woman, encouraging others to live a full adventurous life, while nurturing their heart and soul.”

    Diane Kowal

    1. Diane, I’m so happy for you that you are living your dream. The fact you’ve visited fifty countries is amazing. You must have some incredible stories to tell!

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