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#inspiration, friendship, assistanceA friend recently took on the task of updating my website. This is something I’m not able to do on my own and would normally have to pay someone else to complete.

Her generosity in helping me out in this way is incredible. Hours of time are being spent on something that gives her no obvious benefit. When I express my thanks, as I do frequently, she brushes it off, saying, “It’s no big deal and something I enjoy doing.”

Another friend recently asked me for help on a project she’s working on. This was in my area of expertise and I was glad to offer whatever assistance I could.
When she thanked me, I found myself saying, “It was no problem. I’m happy to help you anytime.”

It was no coincidence I met with both of these friends on the same day. I’d been feeling guilty about accepting the generosity offered to me, while freely offering the same to another. Thinking about how good it felt to assist one friend helped me understand why another would willingly spend time helping me.

If I refused her offer, I’d be denying her this joy. What a concept! I’m doing something for you by letting you do something for me. And, you are making me happy by allowing me to do something for you. This is the ultimate win-win situation!

“The greatest good is what we do for one another.” Mother Teresa

2 thoughts on “Happy to Help”

  1. As the friend who helped update your website, this post made me smile. I think we highly value those things we can’t do for ourselves and undervalue those things we can easily do. My dear friend, you have done a number of kind and generous things for me. I’m returning the favour. In our Christian community, what a blessing we can be when we offer to do for our brothers and sisters. God bless you for your many kindnesses and generosities.
    And best wishes for your book signing this week!

    1. How true it is that we highly value those things we can’t do for ourselves and undervalue those we can easily do. Wise words indeed!
      Thank you for your kind words.

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