Flipping the Switch

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Have you ever had one of those days when you just felt “off”?

That’s how my day started. There was nothing wrong, but I felt lethargic and emotionally low. Maybe it was the overcast, gloomy morning. Whatever was going on, I had to fight back or it would derail my day.

After a battle with a misaligned zipper on my jacket, which didn’t help my sagging spirits, I stepped out into the cool morning.

As I walked, I prayed for God to speak to me. My thoughts were surrendered to Him as I awaited peace, or guidance, or focus – something to help me reconcile the apathy enshrouding me.

A diversion on the pathway caused me to cross a grassy area. Glancing at my feet, I noticed the grass had different colours in it. Did it always change colours like the leaves did? While focusing on the golden and browning leaves carpeting the ground, I had missed what was happening right beneath my feet.

I stopped to take a picture. A few steps later, I was back on the path beside the creek and paying more attention to my surroundings. The beauty of the grasses along the creek bank compelled me to stop several times to take more photos.

Further on I admired the incredible workmanship of a beaver dam. I veered off the path and waded through some taller grasses to get a closer look. I almost didn’t take a picture because there was what I considered garbage in front. Then I realized these pieces had been incorporated into the structure. Everything had a purpose. Nothing was wasted.

As I returned home, my thoughts went to my earlier prayer. “God, I’m so sorry. After asking you to speak to me, I became distracted and didn’t listen for your voice.”

In my spirit I heard, “My precious child; I spoke to you in a language you could easily understand. You find me in the beauty of nature I’ve surrounded you with. Today you were reminded it is there even when the sun is not shining. You listened well. I observed you express gratitude for things you normally don’t notice. That’s what I wanted for you today. When you get past your preconceived ideas of what you need, you are then able to appreciate what you have. Thank you for opening your heart to receive the blessings and love I have for you – today and every day.”

I arrived home humbled and in awe. The knowledge I carried in my head had made the journey to my heart. No experience in my life is wasted. Everything serves a purpose.

My focus had shifted to all the blessings in my life. My off switch had been turned back on and I was fully illuminated.

8 thoughts on “Flipping the Switch”

    1. Thank you Kimberly. Hope all is well with you. Your name came up in conversation at the library recently!

      1. It’s definitely been trying years since I left Canada. I miss the writing group and you all!

        1. We still meet at the same time in the same place, so if you ever get back up this way, please drop in to see us.

  1. You really do write well!
    I thank you for the reminder to focus on what I have and not what I have yet to receive.

  2. I loved this story that happens day after day. There was a time in my life when God’s Word didn’t touch my wounded heart. But God, my creator friend, allowed me to see the beauty of a yellow dandelion, and then marvel at the intricacies of a dahlia in full bloom and then other dahlias, different colors and different designs. My God made all this beauty around me to draw me close to him. I love taking pictures and my pictures touched my heart so much that I chose my favorites and made MY BEST SHOTS book and made it for coffee table books for my family. God’s Word is once again “lamp to my feet and light to my pathway”. Both God’s Word and God’s creation speak to my heart. How blessed I am.

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