Breaking the Ice

ice, break through,I walked past many puddles crusted over with ice before I gave in to my desire to step on one and break the ice. This was something I enjoyed doing as a child and it still gives me pleasure now. There is something satisfying about the sound of the ice cracking and seeing the web of lines form on the surface.

Later I witnessed two young girls stepping on the same sort of puddles. The older sister looked at the younger and said, “You can’t break it because you have to be strong – like I am. Let me help you.” The girls held hands and jumped together, cheering when they broke through the ice.

The path I walk goes alongside a meandering creek. In the stillness I hear the faint sound of fractures in the ice. Along the bank I see areas where water flows beneath an overhanging ledge of ice.breaking ice

I am reminded the water has been there all along. It couldn’t be seen under the covering of ice but was still there, waiting for the right season to show itself again.

This is reminiscent of the hope hidden under the cares of life. When I dwell alone in the shadows there is no chance for the warmth to seep in and melt away the coldness holding me prisoner.

Sometimes we can’t break through on our own. We are stronger together. Let’s reach out and take the hand of another. Together we can break through the ice caused by isolation.

2 thoughts on “Breaking the Ice”

  1. I really enjoy your blogs. You were a speaker at our after five suppers years ago in Estevan. I’ve subscribed to a number of blogs and newsletters and similar things over my many many years in our christian women’s group (which sadly folded in 2017 and I do miss it. We just couldn’t continue to operate with only twenty of us still attending and half of us had been planning the meetings for a long time and had hoped to take a step back) but yours is the only one I still subscribe to in 2021. In the chaos of life there were just too many emails and subscriptions and not enough time to look at them all. Your words speak to me each time I read them! Thank you for continuing to share them.

    1. Thank you so much for your comments. It was in April 5 years ago that I last spoke in Estevan.I appreciate you following my blog for all that time. Your encouragement today felt like a gift from God, letting me know I’m doing what He wants me to. Blessings to you.

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