What’s My Agenda?

agendaMy husband bought a magazine recently that came with a bonus. Also inside the wrapper was a purse-sized calendar. Across the front of this little booklet was written 2015 Agenda. I knew that this little calendar was to keep track of appointments but I still looked at these words with a different mindset.

Agenda and calendar are synonymous. That’s why agenda was written on the cover of the calendar. There is also another meaning for this word. Merriam-Webster defines agenda as a plan or goal that guides someone’s behavior and that is often kept secret.

My thoughts were of the agenda or plan I have for my life this year. Do I have lofty goals? Is there an action plan to bring them to fruition? How focused do I need to be?

Maybe I’m happy with where I am and have no desire for change. In that case, my life is planned so that things will stay the same.

No matter where I am in life it’s pretty much certain that I will have a personal agenda. There are things I want to see, do, or accomplish. The problem comes when the plan that guides my behavior becomes all consuming. If this is all I look for, I will not see the other opportunities that the Lord presents to me.

By focusing only on my own agenda and not on the people and situations around me I will miss so much. God has a wonderful plan for my life and to fully reap the benefit of that I need to focus on him and not my own agenda.

A person may plan his own journey, but the Lord directs his steps. (Proverbs 16:9 GWT)