The Crab

inspiration,We had been coming to this spot for several years and always enjoyed our beach walks. After all of this time, we were still on the lookout for things we hadn’t seen before. One day we were rewarded by the sight of a hermit crab. We stood fascinated as we watched this crab, underneath a large shell not its own, slowly walking along the beach. Approaching it to take a picture, it sensed out nearness and stopped, climbing right inside the shell. Now it looked like any other shell on the beach. There was no evidence of the crab. I poked at the shell a little, but got no response .Not wanting to disturb it; we turned and walked a few steps away. Feeling safe now, the crab went on its way as we watched from a distance.

Talking about this, I realized how similar my behaviour can be to that of this crab. There are times that I go along, acting like everything is fine. When others come near, I retreat into my shell and pretend I’m not there. If I blend into my surroundings and become invisible, no one will see me or be able to hurt me.

This is a lonely way to live. It is only by coming out of my shell and allowing others to know me that I can live the purposeful life that I was created for.

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Ephesians 6:10 NIV

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