From a Distance

#inspiration, beauty, vibrant colour, perfect pictureIn the distance, I see the vibrant yellow of canola fields. The beauty is breathtaking as the sunshine flowers contrast against the azure sky and verdant green of nearby trees.

From a distance, this blanket of bright colour appears solid. When I get closer I see this is not the case. There are variations in shading and when I come alongside them I see more green stalks than yellow flowers. The flowers are quite small and not the showy blooms I’d imagined. The plants are still lovely; they just are not as I’d envisioned them.   #inspiration, flowersSince I am not native to this area, surprise and a little disappointment are felt when I realize the perfect picture I’d seen from a distance was not the reality upon closer examination.

Oh, how this brought other memories to mind. I don’t know about you, but I have looked with envy at the vibrant life someone else had and wished mine could be as beautiful.

In reality, I have only seen the tip of their life, the part that can be observed from a distance. Up close, the picture is different.

No one has a perfect life. Struggles and challenges affect each of us. When I put on a mask to convince you all is well in my life, you have no reason to doubt me. You only see the picture I choose to show you.

It is only when I allow you to have a closer look that you can see we are not so different after all. We are all perfectly imperfect and showing that is what makes us beautiful.

“If you ask people what attracted them to the person they love, they never tell you of some perfect feature that focused them on sheer surfaces but rather an imperfection that allowed them to see into their uncharted depths.” – Eugene Kennedy

Purple Moustache

#Jesus, #inspiration, forgiveness, love“Do I have a purple moustache?” I asked my husband. “Not that I can see,” was his reply.

I had used fresh blueberries in my morning smoothie and wondered if any evidence remained on my face. Although the outside of the berries are blue, the stain they make is always purple!

Before I left the house for the day I stopped for a quick look in the mirror. That’s when I saw the tell-tale purple stains I’d been concerned about. My husband didn’t intentionally trick me into going out with a purple moustache. He honestly didn’t notice. I realized this was another sign that he often sees the best in me and either doesn’t notice or overlooks my imperfections.

This is something I know Jesus does for me every day. I make many mistakes and he not only forgives them but also eliminates them so they are no longer seen or remembered. The bible tells me that he removes my sins as far is the east is from the west.

It is incredible to know I’m not judged by my appearance or misdeeds. Jesus looks past my faults. He knows my heart and sees what I can become. When I maintain a close relationship with him, I am seen through the eyes of his unfailing love.

As far as the east is from the west— that is how far he has removed our rebellious acts from himself. (Psalm 103:12 GWT)

O Lord, you are so good, so ready to forgive, so full of unfailing love for all who ask for your help.( Psalm 86:5 NLT)