The Journey

travel, destination,Her exuberance brightened my day.

I was at my second airport of the morning, heading to my next departure gate. This was going to be a long day of travel.

Most people we saw looked tired or stressed as they speed-walked between gates.

This young girl was holding her dad’s hand, skipping and carrying on an animated conversation. She was obviously happy and excited. I watched her tug on her dad’s arm to get his full attention. Once eye contact was made, he was rewarded with a huge smile.

Out of the thousands of people we saw in four airports and sixteen hours of travel, this young girl is the one I remember. Maybe it’s because I saw so few smiles that day.

The excitement of travel and new adventures is lost on most of us. We tend to set our sights on our final destination and forget to enjoy what is between point A and point B. The joy of the actual journey is nowhere to be found.

In travel and in life I am often guilty of this. Distractions that slow me down are seen as inconveniences and not as pleasant diversions. Unfortunately, this means my enthusiasm for everyday life is sadly lacking.

I hope the memory of the young girl in the airport stays with me to remind me to experience joy in my journey.

I Hear the Ice Cream Truck!

#inspiration, #Jesus, refreshmentOne of the signs of summer is the distinctive music of an ice cream truck as it slowly winds its way through the neighbourhoods. The sound can be heard several blocks away which gives children a chance to race to their parents and beg for money to pay for a treat.

I don’t know of another sound in the summer that brings people running. Thoughts of enjoying ice cream treats delivered right to your neighbourhood, are enough to send many searching for their wallets!

Even if I don’t want to indulge in the offerings, the music brings pleasant memories of summers past, when I had young children excited to hear the sound of the ice cream truck approaching. If they were fast enough, they could wait at the end of the driveway and the truck would stop. If not, they would need to chase it down the street and maybe wait in line for their favourite treat.

Most of the offerings from the ice cream truck are available at local stores but people are still willing to pay a premium price to the ice cream man. There must be something in the simple melody the truck plays that draws people in.

I think of this attraction and wonder how many people are drawn to Jesus in the same excited way. The bounties he brings are too numerous to be listed on the side of a truck. There is no premium price involved; no need to chase him down the street, money in hand.

When I’m open to what Jesus has to offer, he delivers directly to me, no lineups involved. And, best of all, there’s no need to wait for summer to receive the refreshment he brings.

Every good present and every perfect gift comes from above, from the Father who made the sun, moon, and stars. (James 1:17 GWT)

Lost Tooth

excitement, God, trust,surrenderMy almost six-year-old granddaughter had just lost her first tooth. She was very excited and pictures were taken of her with her mouth open so those not present could know of this momentous event.

It’s not easy for a child to give the final tug on a tooth that is ready to come out. For this reason, her mom held her while her dad pulled the tooth out. She cried because she was scared and thought it would hurt. Seconds later she was laughing with excitement. Soon she was dancing around the house, stopping in front of family members with a huge smile to show them where the tooth used to be.

As my daughter was telling me this story, I felt God pointing out that I have acted in a similar way with him. There have been times that I have been so close to a goal but stopped short. Fear was holding me back. The fears have been that I don’t have the ability needed; it could cause me discomfort or a myriad of other things.

Like the loving parents that held my granddaughter, God is always there to gently but firmly give me what I need to get through the fear. After I fully trust and surrender to him, any discomfort is momentary and soon forgotten. My trust is rewarded by what he has accomplished in and through me. I want to dance around letting everyone know what I have done. On my own I could not do anything of significance. When I let him work through me there is no limit to what we can do.

I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13 GWT

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