A Different Eclipse

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Earlier this week multitudes of people put their lives on pause to witness the solar eclipse. During the eclipse the sun disappeared from view, either completely or partially, depending on your observation area.

Since I didn’t have the proper viewing glasses, I chose to watch it on the television, rather than risk burning my eyes. It was interesting to see the sun gradually become hidden as the moon passed in front of it.

I started thinking of the times in my life where I’ve found myself in increasing darkness. Something has eclipsed the light in my life.
Maybe you’ve experienced the same thing. Here are a few questions I’m asking myself.

What have I been eclipsing for years? What dreams, goals, wishes, skills, etc have I put off and never realized? Maybe now is the time to remove the blockage I’ve put in place and just go for them!

Am I eclipsing something right now? What am I afraid of? I spent years feeling it was safer to remain unseen than to risk finding my light. It wasn’t the truth!
Is there a reason I’m not shining my light? Is it because I’m afraid I’m not good enough? Who is missing out because I’m hiding out? What if I’m depriving more than myself?

Are there areas where I am not letting in the light? Am I refusing help when it is readily available? Do I open myself to new experiences? I wonder what I might be missing out on by choosing to stay in the dark.

If I’m totally honest, there may be a few areas where I am eclipsing my own life. Are you also guilty of putting your life on pause, moving slowly into darkness while watching the brilliance of someone else?

It’s time to remove the blockages and step into the light. I’m ready, how about you?

Tacky Tourists

#Jesus, #Christ, #inspiration, My husband and I recently visited a National Park. Some of the trails we walked on were only wide enough for two people. That meant if we encountered someone coming the opposite way we would walk single file. We soon learned that not everyone had the same opinion. When the ones approaching us didn’t move over we were forced off the path and into the underbrush.

I was amazed to see a number of people stop in the middle of a trail and line up others in their party to take pictures. It wasn’t the photo opportunities that surprised me as much as the lack of concern for others wanting to get by. They would block the way with no consideration for anyone else.

My frustration was starting to rise when I felt a nudge in my conscience. How many times have I blocked someone from getting to Jesus? It may not have been my intention to get in the way, but when I become focused on my own needs and desires that is exactly what happens. Either they are forced to step into the weeds, stand and wait or turn the other direction.

If I am the centre of attention Christ is relegated to the background. No one should have to go around me to get to him. My role is to be the window through which Jesus can be seen, not the obstacle that makes them want to turn in the opposite direction.

Most situations have a lesson to teach. My experience in the park was a reminder not to get in the way. I need to step aside and let Jesus be the guide.

Don’t be concerned for your own good but for the good of others. (1Corinthians 10:24 NLT)

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