Seas the Day

#inspiration, #adventure, water, vacationThe picture I posted on social media showed me relaxing in a hammock in sparkling turquoise water. What it didn’t show was the agonizingly slow walk to get there.

The tour guide told me there was only one place to enter the water. He said there would be a few rocks, like a ladder, to step on as I went in. They might be slippery but after a few steps I’d be on smooth, soft sand.

This was not the case! The rocks were uneven as well as slippery and I found it difficult to get my footing. I would slip off one rock onto another jagged one and was doing my best to avoid injury. I felt pressure to move faster when I looked back and saw a line-up of people waiting to get into the water. The results were not pretty!

I picked my way carefully over rocks, not smooth sand, and headed for the hammocks. As I neared, I could see only one unoccupied. It was the one with the shorter poles, making it mostly submerged.

I’d come this far and was not going to let that stop me. Climbing into the hammock I realized I couldn’t totally recline or my head would be under water!  The water felt wonderful but holding my head up was uncomfortable. I put my hands on the side and pushed my upper body to the top end. That’s when the picture was taken.

A lot of effort was made in order to have a few minutes on the water hammock. Knowing what was required for such a short period of enjoyment, would I do it again? Absolutely!

As I waded back to shore I was filled with a spirit of adventure. It may seem tame to you but I had an opportunity that may never come again and took full advantage of it!

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