My Snooze Bar Life

#God, #inspiration, plansI’ve never been one to use the snooze bar on my alarm. I’d rather set my wake up time for slightly later than hit the snooze bar, doze off and then be disturbed all over again.

Although this may not be part of my morning ritual, snooze bar thinking appears in other areas of my life.

Many times there is a task needing to be completed but I don’t feel I have the time, energy or focus to tackle it. By putting it off, I’m actually hitting the snooze bar. Whatever I’m putting off will keep disturbing my thoughts until I finally get up and do it.

On the other hand, if I set my mind on the job at hand, rather than putting off the inevitable, my life runs much smoother.

The stress of missing deadlines, self imposed or otherwise, disappears. I find myself more productive. This contributes to my sense of well-being.
Formerly, I called this bad habit procrastination. The visual of hitting a snooze button is a much more powerful motivator. I want to move forward and not constantly put my life on hold.

The rest of the world does not take a break just because I do. Who knows what I may be missing during the time I hit the snooze bar of my life? God has many plans for my life and I don’t want to sleep through any of them!

Lazy people want much but get little, but those who work hard will prosper and be satisfied. (Proverbs 13:4 NLT)

An empty stable stays clean, but no money comes from an empty stable. (Proverbs 14:4 NLT)

The desires of lazy people will be their ruin, for their hands refuse to work. (Proverbs 21:25)

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