My Messy Life

#inspiration, response, helping othersAt our local pool shoes are removed and put on racks outside of the changing room. This simple act helps to keep the floor of the changing room clean.

I’ve seen what happens when this rule is not followed so no matter the rush I’m in, my footwear is always placed on one of these shelves.
One day I exited the changing room and found it difficult to get to my shoes for the footwear hastily left scattered on the floor. Some shoes weren’t anywhere near their mate!

Instead of being upset by the obstacle course in front of me, I stopped and took a picture! I’m sure the intention was not to cause problems when the shoes were hastily removed.

The scene before me was a good illustration of how messy my life can become. When in a hurry or distracted, my thoughts and actions are scattered.

It may seem like this only affects me but that’s where I’m wrong. My messy response to responsibilities can cause problems for those who need to get past the disaster I’ve left in order to move to where they need to be.

The debris I’ve left behind may slow them down or it may cause them to stumble. Either way, the result is not pleasing. By making sure my life doesn’t get scattered and messy I not only help others but am set free to accomplish my own goals.

“It is one of the beautiful compensations of this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” Charles Dudley

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