Looking For Reason

Jesus, faith, trust, meaningThere are many interesting sculptures along the waterfront walkway in Puerto Vallarta. One in particular captured my attention.

It was in two parts. One was a large figure with outstretched arms. In front of this was a ladder with two other figures climbing it. There were each holding onto the ladder with one hand reaching out with the other.
Upon speaking to a local, I found out that this statue was called Looking for Reason. It is also known as Looking for the Answers.

This was a vivid portrayal of something most of us spend our lives doing. I know that I have often looked for the reason behind events in life. It would be nice to have the answers and not speculate at the outcome.

As in the figures on the ladder, I have held onto what is secure with one hand while reaching for the unknown with the other.

In hindsight I’m grateful that I didn’t know ahead of time what was in store for me. Many experiences would have been lost by my not wanting to face what preceded them.

This is where faith comes into play. My faith in Jesus allows me to trust in him for the outcome. I don’t need to know the answers when I’m holding on to him. Jesus knows my life from beginning to end. Every event I encounter will bring me closer to the purpose he has for me. That’s all the reason I need.

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. (Hebrews 11:1 NIV)

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