Kimberley Payne

Kimberley Payne is a motivational speaker and author and writer on spiritual & physical fitness topics. Her devotional writings relate raising a family, pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and everyday experiences to building a relationship with God. Through her work, Kimberley hopes to inspire people to live healthier lives that glorify God.

Kimberley writes nonfiction in the health & fitness field. She believes that prayer and Bible study are to the spirit what exercise and healthy eating are to the body.

I asked Kimberley how she got started writing and what inspires her. She said, “I’ve always been a thinker and writing helps me to organize my thoughts. I can easily stumble over my words and not say what I truly mean, however, with writing I can play with what I want to say until it reflects exactly what I mean. I’m inspired by sharing with others what I learn. I like to take complicated or confusing topics and break them down to make them understandable.” This is something she does very well.

When asked to share a few fun facts, Kimberley said she doesn’t mind the smell of skunk!  I’ve never heard anyone say that before. She also has visited family in the Netherland five times.

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