Jack Popjes

Canadian Author

Born in Holland, Jack immigrated with his family to Canada in 1950. He attended Berean Bible College in Calgary. Jack and Jo were married in 1962 and pastored a Baptist church in Innisfail, Alberta, for three years before joining Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1965. They left for Brazil in 1966 with three preschool daughters and began service among the Canela people in 1968.

When Jack and Jo began their linguistic and Bible translation work, the Canela people were illiterate and there were no Christian believers. They earned the right to live in the village by meeting the medical and dental needs of the villagers. Later they were appreciated as literacy teachers, and teacher trainers, helping Canela authors produce their own literature in book form.

By the time the Scriptures in the Canela language were dedicated in 1990, there were many Canela believers, all able to read the Bible and teach others to read and obey the Word.

After the Popjes family left Brazil in 1990, they served as a recruiters and fundraisers with Wycliffe Canada and spoke at many conferences and banquets.

Jack served as President of Wycliffe Canada for six years, beginning in 1994. He led the organization through many changes in preparation for service in the new millennium. Jack was then appointed CEO of Wycliffe Caribbean with a mandate to restructure the organization, and find and train a successor. He completed this task in May 2004.

Currently Jack serves as the Wycliffe Canada Engagement Team Speaker and is writing his autobiography.

Jack’s latest book A Poke in the Ribs is a collection of fifty-two story based articles. The short easy to read pieces are ture stories, most of which happened to the author.

Jack’s trademark humour shines through, making this book a most enjoyable read. A Poke in the Ribs follows in the tradition of Jack’s other books A Kick in the Pants, A Bonk on the Head, and A Tickle in the Funny Bone.

Be warned, the books are habit forming and you will want each of them!

All of the books and more information on this engaging writer and speaker can be found on Jack’s website.