Floating Shells

life, challenge, God, trustAs I walked along the beach I spotted a tide pool ahead. It was filled with shells that appeared to be floating on the surface. Fascinated, I hurried over to have a closer look. What I found surprised me.

The shells were not floating, they were on the bottom. Crystal clear water had magnified them and created a false illusion.

I took a couple of pictures and moved one. The picture that stayed in my mind’s eye brought some serious reflection.

How often, I wondered, do I make assumptions and even decisions based on how things appear from a distance?

When I look at others and think I’d like the wonderful life they have, do I realize that I only see an illusion and not the close up reality?

The same applies when I look at someone who appears to have very little. The peace and contentment this person has may far outweigh anything I could imagine.

The only life I can see clearly into is my own and sometimes even this is a challenge.

God always sees the hearts and knows the minds of his people. This is why I trust in him rather than on my own understanding.

It is better to depend on the Lord than to trust mortals. Psalm 118:8 GWT

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