God, inspiration,The store I work in changed locations recently. We get phone calls regularly asking where our new store is and how to get there.

Last weekend we had a booth at a Home Show and I asked everyone who stopped by if they’d been to our new location. Not everyone was familiar with the street name or the landmarks I gave. When that happened I would give them detailed directions. The first thing I needed to establish was their starting point. From there I could guide them to our store.

This is a good example of life. In order to reach my destination I need to know where I am starting from and where I want to be. Only then can I plan the route to get there. I also need to ensure that I know east from west when I am making a turn.

Even with accurate directions it is still possible to get lost if I misinterpret them. Detours and roadblocks may cause my route to be altered. A once familiar landmark may no longer be there to guide me. There is always the possibility that the directions will have to be re-evaluated in order to reach my destination. Am I able to make the necessary corrections?

The good news is that God knows where he wants to take me and how to get me there. What looks like a detour to me, may be part of the overall plan. The shortcut I wanted to take may not be in my best interests. When I spend time with God I will understand his leading and know that the best route is the one he has planned for me.

A person may plan his own journey, but the Lord directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9 GWT

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