Christie Thomas

Christie ThomasChristie and her husband are in the thick of parenting three boys. She also works as the Director of Children’s Ministries at her home church in central Alberta, and has been there since 2006. She says she’s not sure why people tell her she must be busy!

In 2012 Christie began work on her first book (not knowing it was a book), as she wrote weekly Bible-based devotions for the families in my church. In 2015 the devotions were released as “Wise for Salvation: Meaningful Devotions for Families with Little Ones“. It is her great joy that this devotional has brought hundreds of families and children closer to God. As families follow each week’s series of devotions, children will act, dance, draw, imagine, memorize, and sing their way to a better relationship with God and a knowledge of His Word. Wise for Salvation contains five interactive devotions per week, with each week focusing on a single story. Covering 87 of the major Bible stories and lessons, Wise for Salvation can be a family’s go-to devotional for years!

Christie is currently under contract for a series of children’s books about her little owl family, and is also working on a middle grade fantasy novel.

I asked Christie for some fun facts I could share with you. She tells me that although her friends describe her as kind, thoughtful and warm; her coworkers have alternately called her style fierce, warrior-like, and “shoot from the hip.”  That’s quite a contrast.

Christie is very enterprising.  A few years back she turned her tiny suburban front yard into a food-producing perennial garden. Since then they have grown apricots, strawberries, haskaps, apples, and cherries all in that tiny space!

If you and Christie spent the day together, and she got to pick your schedule, here’s what you would do:
1) Go shopping at Value Village.
2) Go to a Zumba class at the gym.
3) Eat East Indian food or monstrous burgers piled with mushrooms.

As you can tell, Christie is full of energy and fun.  Find out more on her website