Cheering Them On

making a difference, cheeringMuch of the world has spent countless hours, over a seventeen day period, in front of their televisions watching the events of the winter Olympics. Each of us cheers for the athletes of our own country. In Canada, many people traded sleep for a chance to watch our men’s team play hockey for the gold medal. Even though it meant being up by 4 or 5 am, it was something willingly done. The cheering could not be heard by the athletes, but the support that the nation showed was unmistakable.

This has made me think of the opportunities I have to cheer people on in life. I can do this in person rather than just in front of a television screen, where the people I’m cheering for don’t know that I am there. I can encourage and cheer on people I come in contact with on a daily basis. It may only take a smile or a kind word. Something this simple could be just what is needed to help someone get through their day. It may even have a ripple effect as they pass it on to others. Who knows the difference I may make by taking the time to cheer on those around me.

I smiled on them when they had lost confidence; my cheerful face encouraged them. Job 29:24 Good News Translation

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