Caught in the Haze

clarity, focus, Jesus, visionMy husband and I set out for a scenic drive through the mountains. When we left home the sky was a deep blue with a few fluffy white clouds scattered here and there. We opened the windows and delighted in the warmth of the sun.

The weather conditions changed somewhat as our elevation increased. The temperature dropped and our once clear view turned hazy.

According to the dictionary, a haze is a collection of very fine particles in the atmosphere that give the air an opalescent appearance that subdues colours. In other words, our view of our surroundings was no longer well defined.

Far above us the sun still shone and the sky was blue. It was an unsettling feeling to be caught in the haze when we knew clear skies were so near to us.

It reminded me of times in my life when I seemed to be caught in a fog or haze. In my case this was a confusion or vagueness of thoughts and feelings. My direction was not clear and it felt like my life was out of focus. This was not comfortable and I longed for clarity once again.

When I put my trust in Jesus and let him direct my life he restored my vision. The new focus I was given allowed me to move forward into the bright future he had planned for me.

Then Jesus placed his hands on the man’s eyes again, and his eyes were opened. His sight was completely restored, and he could see everything clearly. (Mark 8:25 NLT)