Beyond the Keyboard

#inspiration, nature, spring, walkThe germ of an idea had come to me and I was determined to write about it. Words didn’t flow as I had hoped so I put it aside for the morning.

The next day I spent several hours at the keyboard and was making progress. When my attention started to drift I decided it must be time to take a break. I checked my email and social media but that didn’t help me focus. Maybe I needed to get away from the keyboard and screen.

Exercise was the last thing on my mind but it was a nice day so I laced up my shoes, grabbed my house keys and went out for a walk. The sun felt good on my back and the breeze blew away the cobwebs in my mind. I headed to a paved path alongside a nearby creek.

Up ahead, I saw two boys with fishing nets, bending down over the water. Two women sat on the grass, chatting and watching their sons. They called me over and showed me a bucket containing some crayfish the boys caught. I hadn’t known those could be found locally.

A few minutes later I continued my walk. Lots people were outside enjoying the beautiful spring day. Children pedalled past on their bicycles. Adults smiled and commented on the lovely weather. I heard singing coming from two girls on the bridge that crossed the creek. Happiness was all around.

Signs of new life surrounded me. Leaves were bursting out o#inspiration, nature, tulips,n the trees and flower stalks were emerging from the earth.

I returned home rejuvenated and grateful to experience how much life there is to live when I venture beyond the keyboard.

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