Backing Up

“Do you want me to back the car out for you?” my husband asked. It was early morning and he was getting ready to leave for an appointment in the city. The car I would need a little later was in a challenging spot, close to the garage wall. I wouldn’t be able to back straight out because another vehicle was blocking the driveway directly behind it.

My mind told me I would never do this on my won. A quick glance at the clock let me know Brian would be pressed for time if he took the time to help me. I also knew that he wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice his time to ensure I was okay.

I swallowed my fear, attempted to look confident and said I could do it.

When the time came to leave, I looked at the position of the vehicles and wondered why I said I could handle this challenge. It looked impossible but unless I cancelled my plans, I had to figure out a way.

With trepidation I got behind the wheel. Aloud I repeated, “I can do this” several times, hoping to talk myself into a feeling.

Inching backwards, I relied on my side mirror as I came within inches of the van in the driveway. After safely passing by it I had the most amazing feeling of accomplishment. Immediately I shouted, “I did it!”

I drove off, thankful to have overcome this challenge. If I had given in to my fears, I wouldn’t be experiencing the immense satisfaction I was now enjoying.

Backing up that morning helped me to move forward. It was a powerful reminder that when given the opportunity, I can accomplish more than I thought possible.

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