Advice From a Car

rental car, road trip“Did you see that?” my husband said. “No, but I heard the ding, and wondered what it was for,” I replied.

We had picked up our rental car a few hours earlier. The car was so new, it only had eleven miles on the odometer and we were the first to rent it. There were several features we’d never seen before and the ding and accompanying message were among them.

After driving for a certain amount of time, the tone would sound and a message flashed up on the dashboard. It showed a picture of a cup and saucer with steam rising from it. The words, Driver Alert and Take a Break were printed above and below the image.

The car was advising us to stop for rest and refreshment! We soon discovered that if we ignored the friendly advice, it would be repeated with increasing frequency. After taking a break, the timer seemed to reset for 1.5 -2 hours before reminding us again of the need to take the necessary steps to stay alert.

Along with Lane Assist, that physically moved the car back if we ventured too close to the side of the road, this car was providing added protection so we would reach our destination safely.

I thought about how useful these features would be in my everyday life. When I’ve been working on something for an extended period, I can become complacent. My focus starts to blur and I’m not as productive. A break or change in activity refreshes and restores my ability to concentrate. I know this but since I don’t always do what’s best for me, a reminder would be helpful!

I don’t know about you, but I have been known to drift off course. Distractions abound and before I know it, I’m not where I wanted to be. The trick is to catch myself soon enough that no damage is done. Something to assist me in staying on course would be wonderful.

Maybe it’s as simple as scheduling breaks to stretch my limbs, change my focus and appreciate new surroundings. By doing this I will better be able to reassess my direction and reach my desired destination.

That car had good advice!

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