5th Wheel Trailer

legacy, memories, Jesus, GodRecently my husband and I purchased a 5th Wheel trailer. When searching for the perfect one, we had more than our own immediate needs in mind. Having room to comfortably entertain family and friends was high on our priority list.

The one we chose has the name Legacy on it. While the name was not a factor, it is perfect for our purposes. Our goal is to create many precious memories while spending time at our Legacy with those near and dear to us.

In our first few weeks with the RV, we hosted two family birthday dinners and had our seven year old grandson there for a sleep over. He was thrilled to have that special time with us and kept commenting that he was our first overnight guest.

When I saw him standing close to the logo on the trailer as he “helped” by hosing off chairs, I couldn’t help but smile. This Legacy was already fulfilling its purpose by being the gathering place where new memories of loving times together are formed.

Every time I see the name on our RV I am reminded that the legacy my life leaves, is up to me. By thinking about how I want to be remembered, I will be more likely to act in a way to create that. Everything I do pales in comparison to the legacy that God has provided for me. He has given me the right to be one of his children. By my belief in Christ Jesus this gift was given. There is no greater legacy than that.

You are all God’s children by believing in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:25 GWT

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