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Janice Richardson

Janice RichardsonJanice Richardson writes Christian articles and stories focusing on how God impacts people’s lives. She resides in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and one of three sons. Janice loves reading, writing, and being in nature whether it is hiking, skiing, walking, or cycling. She also has a bit of competitive side and loves watching football, her son playing soccer, and playing Word with Friends on her phone or tablet!

I wondered how Janice came to have a story included in the anthology Gifts from Heaven. She explained; “Several years ago, I took an on-line Christian writing course through the organization Christian Writer’s Guild. I was assigned a mentor who reviewed my lessons and gave me feedback. After I completed the course, she started sending me emails inviting me to submit stories for books that James Stewart Bell was compiling and publishing. I never felt like I had a story that fit the guidelines so never submitted anything. For the past year, I have been interviewing people and writing their God story for CSC News in Calgary. At the time I was writing on one of the people they had “matched” me with, I received an email from my former mentor asking for submissions for another book. Ray’s story fit perfectly with the guidelines for this book! God’s perfect timing and matchmaking. I submitted a revised version of his story and was very happy when I learned that it had been accepted!”

And that’s how it’s done, folks.  Of course, Janice’s talent for writing had a lot to do with her being published!

In addition to writing, Janice works for a non-profit organization primarily doing administrative and financial work. Although she has a passion for writing people’s true stories of how God has impacted their life, she would also like to write a novel and plans to pursue that in the future.
We will be watching for that, Janice!
For information about the book Gifts from Heaven, ordering a copy, or any other questions or comments, please email me at Janice_r@shaw.ca .

Serenity McLean

imagination, inspirational fiction

Serenity grew up on 28 acres in the low rolling hills of southern Ontario.  She and her black lab companion would hide among the trees, forge the river, and creep up the hills, all to play out stories arising from her active imagination. They acted out spy adventures, rescues from behind enemy lines, even tales of survival in a futuristic dystopic society.

It is this imagination and desire for storytelling that inspires Serenity to chronicle the adventures of medical doctor developing her faith in a series of books dealing with global biological disasters, as well as writing heartwarming Christian novels in a growing collection. Her second novel was awarded finalist with a national writers organization, which spurs her on to new tales of intrigue.

When asked about her approach to writing she says, “I think because I am a storyteller more than an author, my approach may be a little different. The story is like a movie in my head. I sit down to write and hit the play button and just write what I see happening on the mental movie. If I don’t like something I rewind and play it again.”

Serenity still has a dog, a golden retriever, she still loves to roam the hills, and says, “Any day involving sun and surf is a good day.” She stays busy helping authors build their websites, making video trailers, painting and sketching, and jewellery and perfume making.

Make sure you have time set aside when you start reading one of Serenity’s books. If you’re anything like me you’ll find her books difficult to put down. I keep thinking, maybe one more chapter! She is quickly becoming one of my favourites.